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Fluent Economic Bridge

Bringing the
World On-Chain

Fluent Economic Bridge is an end-to-end tokenization solution integrating Real-World Assets (RWAs) into DeFi.
Two Financial
Traditional Finance (TradFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) have spent years developing in isolation.
Together, they hold tremendous synergistic potential – but they speak different languages.
TradFi & DeFi
Fluent is
Bridging the Gap
With Real-World
Asset Tokenization
Fluent’s tokenization solution streamlines transfers between legacy systems and decentralized protocols to produce DeFi-enabled RWAs.
With Fluent, capital assets flow seamlessly across the globe to optimize liquidity and yields, so TradFi and DeFi can grow beyond their limitations – without growing apart.

Extending Prime DeFi Access to Institutons

Traditional systems are inflexible, especially in cross-border scenarios. Fluent tokenizes traditional assets so they can be deployed on-chain and integrated into DeFi.

DeFi’s unprecedented programmability supports fractionalized real estate, superior liquidity solutions, and borderless order matching, while its efficiency maximizes yields for institutions and their clients.

Strengthening DeFi for Mass Market Adoption

Fluent’s influx of investment-grade assets bolsters liquidity to give DeFi the stability to operate at scale.

With Fluent, DeFi’s future is one where a vast expanse of diverse assets underpins a robust and resilient global financial system.

Fluent’s Vision for Integrated Finance

Fluent is laying the groundwork for a singular, integrated, global financial system founded on seamless interoperability – one that brings together the best of TradFi and DeFi in one holistic network.
RWAs: by the Numbers
Web3’s RWA sector grew
in 2023
On-Chain RWAs are currently valued over
$4 Billion
Analyst projections place the RWA market at
$10 Trillion
by 2030
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Fluent is on a mission to bring the world on-chain